PlaySmart Learning Center - Eat SmartPartnered with a local farm, our EatSmart program encompasses nutritional values for our children by bringing fresh fruits and veggies into our scratch-made menu. Our students will learn about proper portion control and healthy options to support a growing body.

Our teachers will encourage and model positive interactions while allowing students to self-serve and contribute to the dynamic of partnership during mealtimes.

Family-Style Dining — with no canned food in our pantry, all food is prepared fresh in our kitchen. Teachers and students sit down as a class and serve themselves. The students learn:

  • Personal and social interactions
  • Practice healthy table manners
  • Reinforce daily concepts

Cooking Class

  • 25 per month

In our Cooking Class, students learn to:

  • Chop
  • Measure
  • Pick out different recipes throughout the week
  • Use fresh
  • Local ingredients.

Dash & Dine

  • 7 – 10 plate
  • 35 per family
  • Gain extra family time by picking up your healthily prepared family meal when you pick up your child
  • No clean up, no cooking. Just time to talk about your days together and enjoy each other’s time

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