Our Programs

Wondering what programs we offer? You’re in the right spot. Here at PlaySmart Learning Center we specialize in four main programs that prime our students for childhood success. Our programs focus on the importance of proper childhood nutrition, childhood growth, childhood learning, and productive parenting strategies.


Our EatSmart program is a healthier alternative for students to be introduced to Farm Fresh foods supported by Family-Style Dining. All of our students will be nourished internally with education on topics ranging from proper portion control to healthy food selection to supporting a growing body. Each student can interact with where our foods come from. Students will also learn how they can develop a strong mind and body through nutrition. Our teachers will encourage and model positive interactions while allowing students to self-serve and contribute to the dynamic of partnership during mealtimes.

Our Cooking Class is an exclusive part of our EatSmart program. We bring the farm to preschool in a small group environment allowing students to personalize their commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Another exclusive part of our EatSmart program is called Dine & Dash. If you’re a hard working parent, this is perfect for you. Sit down, relax, and enjoy quality time eating with your child while our chef prepares meals for both of you. You can even bring the whole family if you’d like. Dine & Dash ensures that parents can relax with a healthily prepared family meal by our chef, allowing you to sit down with your children, all while encouraging family-style dining. No shopping, no time consumption, and you don’t have to cook!


Do you believe that your child has physical potential? Maybe your child needs a hand developing his or her motor skills? Our GrowSmart Program is offered exclusively in our classrooms all throughout the day, providing opportunities for children to learn about their physical abilities and challenging them to reach their full potential.

GrowSmart is designed to provide gross motor development through physical activity. Coaches and teachers encourage students in small groups the fundamentals of a skill and help students reach physical milestones while building their social interaction.

An exclusive part of this program that we offer is Soccer Shots. During Soccer Shots, our soccer coach comes to our facility and goes through basic, yet fun, soccer drills with students who are opted in. Gymnastics is also offered as part of this program.


In addition to our everyday curriculum, PlaySmart offers extra educational resources  through our LearnSmart Program.

We also a offer Spanish Class! Learning a second language today, can create more opportunities for your child in the future. Spanish class is a great challenge and a perfect chance for your child to be exposed to a different culture.

Additionally, we offer a Homework Club! Homework completion is a crucial part of your child’s educational success. This is a great place to start. Kindergarten readiness is important. Here, we will group students together and brainstorm as we complete homework.

Finally, your child can be as creative as possible with our Music Club! Some children are naturally, musically inclined and this is a great opportunity to find out!


Our ParentSmart Program is a resource offered to our enrolled families designed to enhance the dynamic of the ever-changing demands of parenting. One aspect of ParentSmart involves a Parent Night Out which must be signed up for separately. The best way to be an effective parent is knowing when to take a break. Participate in our signature Parent Night Out where your kids stay a night here while the parents get a break to enjoy some down time.

As a part of this program, we offer One-on-One Parent Coaching where we work directly with you, the parent, on implementing proven strategies that are designed to effectively help you guide your child in the best direction possible.